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Material Sustainability
Topics of 2019

Considering the significance of their impacts on our operations and also on the influence of our stakeholders’ assessments regarding CCI, we reviewed our material topics based on six major areas in line with our vision and strategy;
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For Consumer Well-Being; we offer a wide beverage portfolio to our consumers that fit in their preferences and at high product quality and safety standards, which has a crucially important place in our business model.
For Customer Value; we are determined to reach higher customer satisfaction levels with our customer-centric approach and for operational excellence across our geographies with superior execution approach.
For Human Rights; we are committed to creating a great, safe, diverse and equal opportunity place to work and positive impacts for all the people along our operational value chain, through our pioneering policies and practices.
For Human Capital; we listen to the expectations of our employees via various branded engagement platforms, aim to create a satisfactory workplace and invest in their development through talent development programs.
For Community Development; we are pledged to be a good corporate citizen, proudly serving a great community with our projects focusing on youth, women empowerment, water and waste issues supported with employee volunteerism and creating positive economic impacts through our investments
For Environmental Footprint; we aim to minimize our impacts on the environment by using fewer natural resources, operating efficiently and generating less waste, intensively focusing on ‘energy management and climate change’, ‘water’ and ‘sustainable packaging’ practices.
The following section of this report focuses on our actions, performance goals and commitments for our 2019 material topics.
Sustainability Focus
Consumer Well-Being