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We offer a wide beverage portfolio to our consumers that fit in their preferences and at high product quality and safety standards.

Product Safety and Quality

Product Safety and Quality

Goals and Commitments
2019 Goals
Continue to have zero major findings in
food safety and quality audits
in 2019
All audited plants passed the audits, one of which was rated as “Meet with Exceptions” due to 1 unconformity Status: Partially Achieved
2020 Goals
Continue to have zero major findings in food safety and quality audits
At CCI, we conduct bottling operations in 26 plants in 10 countries. The sustainability of our business lies first and foremost in the excellence of these operations. Product safety and quality remain our priority as we offer our consumers a wide range of products fit for every lifestyle and occasion.
Kore Audits
The Coca-Cola System (TCCS operating requirements), named KORE, forms our main reference point in managing food safety and quality, environment, and health and safety performance in our plants. Annual KORE audits and assessments are carried out in each plant by TCCC’s internal auditors to ensure our compliance with the requirements as well as attainment of relevant certifications and engagement with approved excellence programs.
During 2019, seven CCI plants were audited. All plants passed the audit, except Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. There was one unconformity relating to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) as audit finding and the plant was rated as “Meet with Exceptions”. Furthermore, third-party external audits on compliance with the FSSC 22000 Standard were carried out, resulting in either re-certification or follow-up. By the end of 2019, all plants obtained FSSC 22000 certificates.
External Audits
External audits conducted in our plants verify our compliance with the necessary standards.

Our up- to-date list of complied standards and completed verifications are as follows:

Total Beverage Portfolio

Total Beverage

Goals and Achievements
2019 Goals
Continue to invest on increasing the ratio of low or no calorie and nutritionally enriched products in the portfolio
in 2019
Launched Cappy Atom drink with honey and banana Launched Cappy Destek enriched with the ingredients: peach, apple, carrot, orange, kiwi juices, ginger flavor, Vit B12, zinc, vitamin C
Status: Achieved
2020 Goals
Continue providing newly developed or diversified products to meet different preferences of consumers
In order to meet the ever-changing preferences of our consumers and to build a stronger business, we offer more than 25 consumer-centric brands to our consumers. The spectrum of choices across our beverage portfolio includes low or zero calories beverage options. Our team is dedicated on our portfolio growth and mix and focus on providing the best blend to present the highest satisfaction to our consumers.
Our aim is to provide affordable, ready, innovative products for all lifestyles and occasions. We achieve our goals through our strategy of lean production and transformation into the digital enterprise. The key driver of this new strategy is our agile operations, including the processes, tools and trainings which enable us to quickly respond to customer needs and market changes. CCI's low or no calorie and nutritionally enhanced products are; Coca-Cola Light, Coca-Cola Zero, Fanta-C, Cappy Atom, Cappy Destek, Sprite Light, Sprite Zero and Damla
Product Labelling and Responsible Marketing
We transparently and clearly provide our consumers with the nutritional information of our products, allowing them to make choices that fit best to their lifestyles. Our labels provide basic nutritional information about the beverage, such as the amount of energy (kilocalories, calories, kilojoules), protein, carbohydrates, fats, total sugars and sodium.
Responsible advertising and marketing are other important means of how we engage with our consumers. In line with TCCC’s Global School Beverage Guidelines, we do not sell our sparkling beverages in elementary schools. Specifically, to honor the rights of parents and caregivers to make the appropriate choice for their children, we do not engage in advertising or marketing activities targeting those under the age of 12.
Open to Curiosity (merakettim)
The online Coca-Cola Open to Curiosity Platform in Turkey provides direct responses for our consumers to address their concerns regarding our products, corporate identity and marketing activities. We cater our consumers with clear, understandable and scientific information about our products, transparent and to the point information about our corporate identity and, even resolve promotional conflicts hence consumers tend to use our platform as a communication channel. In 2019, 616,072 users made 715,862 visits and 820,427 pages were viewed in total during these visits.
Factory Visit Request
Stakeholders who are also interested in seeing our production processes can easily attend our plant tours in person to learn about the production stages of Coca-Cola products.
CCI Turkey launched a campaign in 2019 to increase awareness on returnable packaging through its advertisements and TV commercials.
Advertising Message
Bring your bottle and save 0.50 TL (Valid for 200 ml glass bottles of Coca-Cola, Fanta and Sprite)
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