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Sustainability Report 2019
Sustainability is a fundamental and indispensable aspect of our business. Thank you for joining us in this journey.
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Message from CEO
Burak Başarır
Coca-Cola İçecek, CEO
Dear Stakeholders,

It is my pleasure to share with you CCI’s 12th Sustainability Report covering our performance in 2019, which has been another successful year marked with our achievements towards our targets. With accountability and integrity among our core values, CCI has been disclosing its social, environmental, and economic performance in line with international standards annually since 2009. I believe our holistic approach to sustainability that we reveal in these reports create value for us and our stakeholders by considering their expectations and sharing our goals, achievements, and projects.
Sustainability Highlights
Customer & Consumer
Audited by TCCC’s internal auditors for annual KORE assessments
Passed the food safety and quality audits
Monitored Open to Curiosity Platform
Answered questions of
users online
Audited external by third-party for FSSC 22000 Standard
FSSC 22000
Food Safety System CertificationStandard at all plants
Invested in low or no-calorie and nutritionally enriched products
Cappy Atom and Destek drinks
Ran Field Pie Stock Monitoring and Fairshare Distribution Programs
Engaged with 12,700
customers through
CCINext Sales Channel
Engaged Turkey, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan for OE projects
2.09 million
USD through 29 new projects
In all countries
Interviewed face-to-face
with 5,700 customers
in Turkey, Kazakhstan and Pakistan
Increased customer satisfaction
score by 10 points
Performed 214,151 outbound calls to check the satisfaction levels
Reached 90.000 more
customers through Customer Interaction Center by
responding to 86% of the calls within the first
20 seconds
Held the 4th CCI Innovation Day;
“Alchemy of Innovation and Failure & Innovation”
and Participated in Anadolu Group’s Bi’ Fikir Festivali (An Idea Festival).
CCI participated in the festival with
highest number of projects,
won two awards and was recognized as
"The Most Successful Company"
Launched Human
Policy and CCI’m
Human communications and training campaign across CCI
7,500 hours of
human rights trainings to CCI employees
Conducted supplier audits for compliance with Supplier Guiding Principles (SGP)
a success rate of
89% for the SGP audits
all countries of operation
Ran Hand in Hand Safety Program 2.0 focusing on behavioral safety
Improved our H&S performance score by
5.4% in terms of the Safety Maturity Index (SMI)
Executed U30, Women in Leadership and Accelerate Leadership Programs
Diversity & Inclusion
cluster of the employee engagement survey resulted
with 9 points increase
Increased H&S trainings by 26% compared to 2018
the number
of accidents
by 12% compared to 2018
Provided 67,506 hours of H&S trainings for our employees
No Lost time due to accidents in
58% of our plants
Conducted two Talent Development Forums and reviewed our talent pools
Talent Readiness Index (TRI)
from 46% to 53%
Launched Accelerate 2.0 for LT and ELT of Group, Kazakhstan, Pakistan and Turkey
Provided 78 leaders
with intense experiential learning and coaching
CCI Next Talent Program received about 2,000 applications
14 Next Talents
joined CCI and started their journeys in December 2019
Executed Employee Engagement Survey (“Voice of CCI) with 85% participation
Increased engagement
score by 9 points compared to 2016
Olympic Moves Program in Azerbaijan
of 15,000
new youngsters in the program
Paani - Safe Water Initiative in Pakistan
4 new filtration plants
and started serving 100,000 new people
A nationwide clean and green drive In Pakistan with 300+ volunteers
Managed over
100 kgs
of waste and planted over
50,000 trees
3.2.1 Move! Program in Kazakhstan
Evaluated 143 applicant students. Best applications participated in an incubation program where they leveled up project management and finance skills to promote their environmental projects.
CCI Volunteering Program;
1,080 volunteers, 4,294 hours
in Turkey & Pakistan
Realized 11 volunteer activities with 8 NGO’s in 15 cities
New Generation SME Support Project in Azerbaijan
Covered more than
2,000 participants
of which
65% were women
The Coca-Cola Belestery Program in Kazakhstan
2,014 women
on management,10 winners received 4,000 USD grants.
UP WEP in Azerbaijan
Trained 350 additional women
My Sister Project
Trained 10,833 women and 500 refugees in Turkey
With 71 new operational excellence (OE) projects
Saved 142.3
million MJ of energy,
10.7 kilotons of CO2e emissions
The water replenishment rate for Turkey reached 159% through community projects
Replenished about
5 billion
liters of water
in Turkey through our water replenishment programs
Recycled and reused 5.8% of our water (11% in Turkey)
128,593 m3
of water in the 7 countries with OE projects
Achieved 360 kilotons of CO2 emissions reductions in Turkey as a result of our efficiency and optimization efforts in the value chain
Avoided CO2
emissions equivalent
to what
30 million trees absorb
from the atmosphere
Reached ratio of 98.9% in newly purchased HFC-free cold drink equipment in Turkey (37.9 % in 7 countries)
Reduced our CO2 emissions by
9,300 tons
in 7 countries; equivalent amount of CO2 that
775,000 trees absorb from the atmosphere
Supplied the energy needs for illumination and post mix line in our Izmir Plant from 100% clean energy resources
5,639 hours
of environmental training for our employees
Achieved Waste Recycling Rates at CCI Plants up to 99%
98,1 % in Turkey
97,0 % in Kyrgyzstan
97,6 % in Pakistan
99,0 % in Azerbaijan
89,0 % in Jordan
93,3 % in Kazakhstan
77,6 % in Tajikistan
Reached a ratio of 89.2% in cold drink equipment with Energy Management Device (%48,2 in 7 countries)
Saved 525.6 GWh of energy
and avoided 85.6 kilotons of CO2 emissions in 7 countries; equivalent amount of CO2 that
7.1 million trees
absorb from the atmosphere